Janssen Angus is a family owned and operated Registered operation that is backed by 5 generations of seed stock lineage!  Jon and Maradith Janssen along with children, Madeline, Katie and JD started breeding the highest quality Angus Genetics possible over a decade ago with a goal in mind, to create a sustainable herd of Registered cows that are performance oriented, phenotpically superior and highly maternal.  The entire Janssen Angus herd is a true continuation of the most influential Angus operation of it’s generation, Schaff Angus Valley, ND.  The 120 cow base herd is comprised of only cows from the following SAV families: Madame Pride, Blackcap May, Emblynette, Elba, Erica, Primrose, Priscilla, Bessie Heiress and Greystone Jannet! 

We extensively use IVF and Embryo Transfer in our operation where only the best, highest producing females are flushed after they have proven themselves.  This has allowed for the rapid growth of our herd.  2018 calves sired by SAV President, SAV Governor, SAV Rainfall, SAV Raindance, Diamond in the Rough, SAV Resource, SAV Renown, SAV Pedigree, SAV Sensation.

February 15, 2020 we will hold our Fifth Annual Angus Production Sale and 28th Janssen Production Sale!  We invite you to come to the sale, evaluate the cattle and enjoy good Angus hospitality.

We would like to invite you also to come anytime this summer or fall to enjoy pasture tours of the foundation Janssen cow herd. 

Please call anytime to schedule a tour or to visit about Angus.  515-468-8221


Saturday, February 15, 2020, Noon
Selling 52 Performance Bulls, 22 Registered Females,
40 Commercial Bred & Open Heifers

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